What we provide

The City Government of Davao Citizens Charter Handbook

List of the services provided by the office:

  1. Technical assistance to the City Offices/Departments in the preparation of their budgets
  2. Technical assistance/advise to City Offices/Departments in the implementation of their respective Office’s budget
  3. Technical assistance to the Barangay Treasurer of the City’s component Barangays in the preparation of their Annual / Supplemental Budgets to ensure compliance with budgetary/statutory requirements, as well as assisting them in the accomplishment of forms and other budgetary documents
  4. Assisting services in encoding and printing of budgetary documents on the basis of the approved draft budget into its final form ready for the signature of the Barangay Captain/Council

What are the requirements

  1. For Clients doing research – letter request approved by the City Administrator
  2. For Barangay – List of documents to be submitted to us for review
  1. Certified Statement of Income and Expenditures signed by the Barangay Treasurer and Punong Barangay
    • Certification of Real Property Tax from City Treasurer’s Office (CTO)
    • Certification of Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA)
  2. Proposed Annual Budget
    • Plantilla of Personnel
  3. 20% Barangay Development Fund (BDF)
    • Barangay Annual Implementing Plan (BAIP)
    • Summary Listings
    • Annex “B”
    • Barangay Council Resolution approving the Proposed Annual Budget
    • Barangay Development Council Resolution
    • Barangay Council Resolution approving Barangay Development Council (BDC)
  4. Sangguniang Kabataan Annual Budget
    • Financial Plan
    • Barangay Council Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Resolution
    • Barangay Council Resolution approving SK Annual Budget

How much does it cost

No fees collected

Who can avail

List of qualified recipients of the services offered

  1. City Offices/Departments
  2. Barangay Officials
  3. Clients doing research