The City Budget Office, as the technical arm of the Chief Executive in budgeting matters especially in the preparation of the City’s budget, is also tasked in providing management with data and information as tools for decision making.

The existing 24 warm bodies are deployed in four (4) divisions as follows:

  1. Administrative Division takes charge of the administrative functions of the office, personneling matters, property and supply management and the maintenance of office equipment and of the working environment of this office
  2. Budget Preparation Division takes charge of the preparation of the City’s Annual and Supplemental Budget, evaluation of budget proposals from all offices and consolidation of these proposals and monitors expenditures on Statutory and Contractual Obligation of the City which would serve as database in the funding requirements for each expenditure item
  3. Budget Control Division implements the system of control for authorized appropriations thru the preparation of the Allotment Release Order and recording of Obligation Requests in a computerized system, and evaluation of supporting documents; prepares periodic report on appropriation, allotment and obligation; reviews project profiles, work and financial plan and request for allotment (WFPRA), checks its accuracy and validity
  4. Barangay Budget Division takes charge in the review of the Annual and Supplemental Budgets of the 182 Barangays of the City and gives technical assistance in the preparation of their budgets as mandated in the Local Government Code of 1991 thru the conduct of seminars/workshops and/or personalized coaching